Shaping the Future of SA's Tech Landscape

DEVSA is a community-driven initiative with a clear vision to collaborate and elevate the San Antonio tech space. We believe in the immense potential of our city's tech scene and are committed to fostering a thriving ecosystem for developers

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  • Our Dual Focus Approach DEVSA leverages a unique Dual Focus Approach to achieve our vision. This approach combines the expertise of our Board in two key areas: Developer Experience and Strategic Expertise
  • Cultivating a Collaborative Community We prioritize building strong connections within the San Antonio developer community. Through events, online platforms, and partnerships, we encourage knowledge sharing, mentorship, and collaboration
  • Unlocking Developer Potential We provide valuable resources like workshops, tutorials, and tech talks delivered by industry experts. These resources empower developers to hone their skills and become key contributors to the city's tech landscape
  • Building Success Through Partnerships We actively seek collaborations with tech organizations to create high-quality content. This ensures our resources are relevant to the community's needs and address emerging trends within the tech industry
  • Shaping San Antonio's Tech Narrative We recognize the potential of San Antonio's tech scene and strive to write the next chapter of the city's tech story by highlighting its strengths, fostering talent, and promoting its potential as a vibrant tech hub
  • Join us! Be a part of shaping the future of San Antonio's tech landscape. Together, we can create a thriving community where developers can collaborate, learn, and grow

A Heartfelt Thank You to our Partners & Sponsors

Together, we will write the next chapter of San Antonio's tech story!

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