Born out of Frustration Built for Empowerment

DEVSA is a community platform dedicated to empowering San Antonio's tech space through education, connection, and opportunity

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From Frustration to Community!

While San Antonio celebrates its growing reputation as a cybersecurity hub and strengthens ties with Monterrey and the South Texas triangle, we refuse to let the headlines overshadow the needs of San Antonio's tech community

Our Mission Takes Flight!

Building a Thriving Hub! San Antonio has a growing ecosystem of community organizations hosting in-person and virtual events

Collaboration is at the Heart of DEVSA: By working hand-in-hand with existing organizations in the city, we've fostered a network of knowledge sharing and support. Our non-profit status allows us to secure affordable venues, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for everyone

Building a Strong Foundation Together: From the start, we knew DEVSA's in-person meetups wouldn't be about favoring a single language or tech stack. Instead, we envisioned a platform that embraced the diversity of San Antonio's developer community

Community is the Result, not the Product!

Built by Developers, For the Tech Community: We understand your needs because we share them. We're a community of passionate software developers and engineers who believe a strong community thrives on providing real value to its members

Focus on Value, Build Community: We believe in empowering developers through meaningful connections, learning opportunities, and collaborative projects. Find a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment where you can connect, learn, and grow alongside talented engineers at all skill levels

Community thrives naturally when developers have access to valuable resources and the chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals. That's why we offer a variety of resources, events, and opportunities designed to empower you to learn, collaborate, and advance your skills

Introducing Community Spaces on Discord

Find your community space and connect with San Antonio's tech scene! Join the DEVSA Discord - 250+ members strong and growing

devsa discord community spaces
devsa discord community spaces
devsa discord community spaces
devsa discord community spaces
devsa discord community spaces
devsa discord community spaces
devsa discord community spaces
devsa discord community spaces
devsa discord community spaces
devsa discord community spaces

Your Guide to San Antonio Tech Events

With our events calendar, finding an event has never been easier. Don't miss out on these opportunities to connect and learn with the tech community! Subscribe

Let's Collaborate and Elevate the Tech Space in SA!

Help us build a stronger tech community! Seeking partnerships to create valuable content like workshops, tutorials, and tech talks for our YouTube/Twitch channels and GitHub



Join our GitHub playground - pull requests welcome, and breaking stuff is encouraged (we'll fix it together)



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Gear Up and Give Back!

Shop exclusive DEVSA swag and support the local developer community. 100% of the proceeds go back to San Antonio's tech community

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A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Partners

Venue headaches are a thing of the past thanks to our incredible partners! This allows the tech community to focus on what matters - building valuable connections

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