Building Authentic Connections

Engagement, Not Sales: We understand your needs because we share them. We're a community of passionate tech folk who believe a strong community thrives on providing real value to its members

Choosing the non-profit route and achieving 501(c)(3) status allows us to prioritize what truly matters: education, connection, and opportunity for all. Every resource we secure is reinvested back into building a stronger tech ecosystem for San Antonio

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  • Why Non-Profit? Our focus is long-term, building a thriving tech community that continues beyond any single individual, ensuring stability and lasting impact
  • Community Access Our non-profit status often allows us to secure affordable event venues, making our programs accessible and inclusive for a wider range of participants
  • Transparency and Trust The IRS exemption process requires stringent financial oversight, demonstrating our commitment to responsible resource management and reinvestment back into the community
  • Donor Advantages Contributions to DEVSA are tax-deductible for donors, encouraging greater support from individuals and organizations within the community
  • Funding Flexibility As a non-profit, we can seek grants, sponsorships, and donations specifically dedicated to furthering our mission and programs
  • Dual Focus Approach This approach combines the expertise of our Board in two key areas: Developer Experience and Strategic Expertise

The Power of Our Dual-Focus Board

By combining developer experience with strategic expertise, our Board ensures DEVSA stays true to its mission while propelling the San Antonio developer community forward

Grounded in the Community

One pillar of our Board is comprised of experienced San Antonio developers.They bring a deep understanding of the local developer landscape, having faced the same challenges and needs themselves. This intimate connection ensures that DEVSA stays focused on delivering value that directly impacts the community's growth

Their passion for developer success fuels our efforts to create a thriving environment where developers can learn, collaborate, and solve problems together

Expanding Opportunities

The other pillar of our Board is a team of growth-focused advisors.These experienced professionals offer invaluable guidance in strategic planning, fundraising, and relationship building. With their expertise, DEVSA can scale its operations and secure resources to further empower developers

Their extensive connections with larger organizations help us forge impactful partnerships that open doors for San Antonio's developer talent, unlocking new opportunities for their growth and success

Together, this dual-focused Board provides the leadership and vision required to create a thriving developer ecosystem in San Antonio

Board of Directors

  • Jesse Hernandez

    Founder / DEVSA

  • Ileana González

    CEO / Tech Bloc

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Partners

Venue headaches are a thing of the past thanks to our incredible partners! This allows the tech community to focus on what matters - building valuable connections

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Project Quest
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Port San Antonio
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